°1992, Lier, Belgium
Lives and works in Ostend, (BE)

The multiplicity of Van Breda’s work entails a study of the spatial narratives within the process of image making. Current research topics involve nature and landscape in the Anthropocene and the spatial qualities of the textile medium. Like an ethnographer he questions our environment, with a concern for the social and political conditions of places. 

Through historical research, site-specific works and material studies, physical places are transformed into ‘environments’, where new spatial narratives can deploy like a ‘speculative fabulation’. 

The use of fabulation as a way of fabrication brings him to the point of embodying ‘other’ and in doing so question the cultural significance of representation and its role in defining our belonging to the world. Through different media the artist seeks to manipulate spaces and invites us to reimagine our surrounding, with the clear intention to blur the sharpness of existing meanings and interpretations, in doing so free our mind to reach and invent new dimensions within the same physical appearance. 


The fascination for how we experience and engage with spaces becomes tangible in Van Breda’s textile works. Tapestries bend and fold in multiple ways, covering and uncovering abstract images that suggest an impressionistic experience. Constructed by hand, directly working onto the canvas, the artist creates an intimate play of thread and colour, distinguishing Van Breda’s work from the common jaquard woven works and entangling the viewer far beyond the textile surface.




- STILLE LEVENS, curated by Koen Broucke, Venetiaanse Gaanderijen Oostende, Group exhibition,  Ostend BE until 18.05.2023

- COLLECTIBLE, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Vanderborght Building,  Brussels BE
- The Thinking Hand , Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent  BE

- Design Fest Gent, Design Museum Gent BE

- Even a stopped clock is right two times a day, Les Brasseurs Art Contemporain Luik BE 


- Art au Centre, Luik, BE

- SPOREN VAN BINNEN EN BUITEN, Hilde Vandaele Gallery, Watou BE
duo expo with Bram Van Breda & Jo Van Rijckeghem 

- What my body knew and forgot to tell me, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke BE

group expo with Anaïs Chabeur, Maikel De Greve, Thuy Lê Thi Thu, Sander Misplon, Fieke Ruitinga, Juliane Schreiber, Bram Van Breda, curated by Camille Bladt and Margo Veeckman

- Entangled Splendor, Obsidian Gallery , Brussels BE 



- INTO LIMBO, curated by Bram Van Breda, Cas-Co Leuven BE

- BONANZA a diorama of the near, by Bram Van Breda & Carolyn F. Strauss

- As the result of the four-month residency at Gastatlier LeoXIII, Gastatelier LeoXIII Tilburg NL

- CROSOVERS, by Adorno.design, The Truman Brewery London UK

- INTERLUDE and intervening space between sound and weavings, by Bram Van Breda & Glenn Ryszko Vlaamsesteenweg 162, Brussels

- TO HIT WHEN MOVING, by Bram Van Breda, Merel Cremers & Lut Pil Part of the research project What We Shape, Shapes Us, Nucleo Ghent

- BELOVED BODIES, by Sander Vloebergs KADOC-Ku Leuven BE

- RECONNAISSANCE, exploring space and its hidden layer, by Bram Van Breda, KADOC-Ku Leuven BE



- ENCLOSED ENCOUNTERS, by Bram Van Breda, Merel Cremers & Lut Pil Part of the research project What We Shape, Shapes Us, Hotel Insomnia – Dutch Design Week 2018 DeFabriek Eindhoven NL

- PASSAGE 1, by Bram Van Breda, Merel Cremers & Lut Pil Part of the research project What We Shape, Shapes Us, Blancooo Antwerp BE

- FINI FANI, by Anja Veirman & Patricia Gérimont Regional Cultural Center, Dinant BE

ITHAKA ART FESTIVAL,  Luxemburgcollege Leuven BE



- LET YOURSELF FALL, Luca Biënnale 2017, by Ief Spincemaille Abdij Keizersberg Leuven BE 

- MATTER OUT OF PLACE, by Bram Van Breda, Les Brasseurs Arts Contemporain Liège BE

- THE GRADUATE(S) - European design talent selected by Li Edelkoort, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Mayfair Londen UK

- KoeNST project - in collaboration with DeLoodsen Antwerpen BE

- Arts in Society Award Cera & Luca School of Arts


- THE PLIABLE MOMENT, Dutch Design Week 16 DeFABRIEK, Eindhoven NL 

- OUTSIDE (ÉCUME/SCUM), Les Brasseurs Liège BE 

- CORRIDOR/BACKSPACE, by Bram Van Breda Croxhapox Ghent BE

- LUX - Luca Showcase, DeMarkten Brussels BE

- YOUNG and MAD Design awards, MAD Design Center Brussel BE






- Patricia Gérimont, Anja Veirman (2018), Fini Fani, in dialoog met textiele maakprocessen in Mali, Graphius.

ISBN 9789490049089


- Lut Pil (2019), RECONNAISSANCE, KADOC Ku Leuven

ISBN 9789078192435


- Lut Pil, Bram Van Breda, Merel Cremers, An-Valerie Vandromme (2019)

EVERY MOVE THEY MAKE dialogues between object & space, Lut Pil, Matter&Image - 

Research Unit Image - LUCA School of Arts, Ghent; the author and the artisits.

ISBN 9789463963695


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