Aalsmeer (NL) °1958
Works and lives in Wetteren, Belgium

In the paintings of Vincent de Roder (° 1958) it is especially the colours that seem to speak. The paint is layered horizontally, diagonally or vertically and fluctuates between what is hidden and yet still visible. Shiny pieces of lacquer paint, curves or randomness are all part of the overall composition. 

Each painting reveals an abstract form, which does not pursue perfection, but discretely allows for a deliberate multi-layeredness. What has been left visible has a purely 

representational and architectural function. His oeuvre incorporates what can be awkward, imperfect or human and seeks a balance between consciousness and contemplation. The stillness of the work itself evokes a sense of quietness and of beckoning. The use of colour however, and the forms that are easily recognisable are at the same time presented from an entirely different perspective, making  the artist’s work absolutely personal.


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