°1984, Ostend, Belgium

Lives and works in Ostend (BE)

With an affinity for the colours black and white, Tiemke Gauderis also reveals her love for light and dark and the effect which one colour has on the other. The twilight zone, the shadows, the coincidence of images, the overexposed and the underexposed. 


These light and dark areas leave room for the imagination. In this way, that which is absent questions that which is present. With disengagement and a subtle playful interaction with perspective, sharpness, haziness, light and shadow, she transforms her observations into compositions that hover between two-dimensional and three-dimensional images.

In the relationship of tension between the flat drawing surface and the suggestion of a third dimension, the actual and intellectual space merge into one another. 


From a keen awareness of the spatial environment, her fascination for the stratification of perception takes shape. Everything we see is influenced by past experiences, making her work a dialogue between her own frame of reference and that of the viewer. Her work invites us to take a closer look, as a participant, into her ‘work in progress’, at her fluent vision.


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