Jacqueline Dehond (BE) °1965 and Koenraad Uyttendaele (BE) °1962

Working and living in Bruges, Belgium

The oeuvre of the artistic duo Jacqueline Dehond (°1965) and Koenraad Uyttendaele (°1962) has catapulted me back in time. In particular to the earliest period of my conscious awareness of visual art and aesthetic form, to a framed copy of Victor Vasarely.


You view abstraction and think mainly of well-planned constructions of forms, colours, light and shadow, of meticulous preparation and choice of materials, you spontaneously

make associations with architecture, structure, design and graphics. The link to Hard Edge, the art movement that is mainly characterized by strongly contrasting surfaces in primary colours, is obvious.

But you probably don’t immediately think of the many uncertainties that often occur before a creation emerges. That colours originate from pigments mixed with glue, that 

beneath the abstraction, hearts beat with love and immense respect for ancient cultures, for miniature drawings from the East, where a strong sense of what in architecture is referred to as “the golden section” can be found. Etcetera. And once you realise all of this, it’s not surprising that in essays about and/or conversations with the duo Jacquy duVal, names like Matisse, Warhol, Ellsworth Kelly, Basquiat, Brancusi and Morandi are often mentioned. As a matter of fact, I also share their appreciation for these outstanding talents. 


Jacqy duVal is in fact a married couple and artistic duo, from whom many fine works have originated. For them, I would like to quote the words of Joost Declercq, curator of the Dhondt-Dhaenens Museum: “Jacquy duVal’s works build a bridge between Eastern and Western abstraction.”

art critic Johan Debruyne



Exhibitions (selection)


- Solo exhibition Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts    10/04/2022  -  10/04/2022


- Private view Gallery Sofie Van de Velde 05/03/2021


- Solo show AM Antwerpen 24/09/2020

- Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, online project “Art Feeds” Wunderwall

- Art, my Talisman, Group show c-curated by Martin Streit & Esther Verhaeghe 


- Duo exhibition “TOUCHER” Jacqy duVal & Kristel van Ballaer

Hilde Vandaele Gallery, Watou, Belgium

- Solotentoonstelling Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts, Brussels

- Groepstentoonstelling "In the picture" Galerij Sofie Van De Velde, Antwerpen
- Solotentoonstelling domein Adornes, Brugge
- Project, muurschildering in Duinenwater, Knokke
- Installatie voor de tentoonstelling “Walther Van Beselaere, Verzamelaar voor de staat” in het museum Dhondt - Dhaenens

- Expositie Veiling Dhondt - Dhaenens, via Paddle8 en Christie’s

- Solotentoonstelling White Interiors, Oostende

- IMM Keulen, samenwerking Minotti

- Solotentoonstelling Jean-Philippe Demeyer, Knokke


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