Laure Forêt (FR)

“ If my body would govern itself as well, according to my rule, as my mind does, we should move a little more at our ease. ”
Montaigne, Essays.

The skin is a membrane that recovers the body and delimits it. This porous surface between the intimate and the outside, gives a face and a consistency to an invisible inside. It is a space where time, personal history and emotions arise. It is a projection screen of an identity that can be difficult to assume. The skin doesn’t always show what I want to be. It becomes an other one that reveals what we want to hide, it betrays the thought and constrains the inside.

From this moving frontier, a misunderstanding can arise. How to define ourselves when our thoughts are sometimes incoherent and what is seen of us is constantly changing. How to communicate and to interact with each other when there are the limitations of body and language.

Feeling «bad in one’s skin» (être mal dans sa peau) brings to search in the depth and at the edge of this organ. The naked body becomes a space I’m fighting against in the blank of the page. The pencil stroke is like the skin, a porous frontier. The lines divide up, turn around and recompose. The interior fills itself and overflows.

Floating bodies weighted in the flesh of the paper. Hanging bodies on transparent sails. The line and the thread slice the surface to fight against the erasure, they pierce the sheet of paper as the body is marked. To incarnate by grinding and peeling the skin. To become one with yourself, «to shed your skin (faire peau neuve)».


EXHIBITIONS (selection)

September : Objet textile, group show, Manufacture de Roubaix (FR)
September : 2angles fête ses 15 ans, group show, 2angles, Flers (FR)
September : À fleur V, solo show, Lycée Malherbe, Caen (FR)
September : Soft?, group show, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp (BE)

En corps, group show, Cultural Center of Comines-Warmeton (BE)
À fleur, solo show, Collège Claude Monet, Ezy-sur-Eure (FR)
Shadow Pieces, group show, Eva Steynen Gallery, Antwerp (BE)
Á fleur, solo show, ESPE and BU, University of Alençon, Damigny campus (FR)
Duo show with Myriam Hornard, curated by Dorothée Van Biesen, L'Usine Galerie, Liège (BE)
ORGAN_ICON, group show, B.A.R. (Bureau d'Art et de Recherche), Roubaix (FR)
En corps #3, group show, Gallery of Atelier 2, Villeneuve d'ascq (FR)
Le textile dans tous ses états, group show, CID au Grand-Hornu (BE)
Erosion, duo show with Colette Schenk, Cultural Center of Chênée, Liège (BE)
Speed dating, La mariée se dévoile, performances, Musée de la vie wallonne, Liège (BE)

BYPASS, group show, Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerp (BE)
PEAU, group show, Fabrica114, Paris (FR)
Ce qui demeure, duo show with Denis Cantiteau, 2angles, Flers (FR)
À corps ouvert, duo show with Douce Mirabaud, Musée du Vieux-Château, Laval (FR)
Ombilic, solo show, ZAN Gallery (FR)
Inner Nature I, group show, Kasteelstraat 1 gallery, Watou (BE)
Le Kabinet de la sculpture, group show, Le Kabinet, Brussels (BE)
De visu, group show, Abbatiale Saint Ouen, Rouen (FR)

La peau, group show, Cultural center of Chênée, Liège (BE)
ITHAKA Anatomé, Visual arts festival, group show, LOKO Cultuur, Louvain (BE)
Rencontres Traverse Vidéo 2016, group show, Toulouse (FR)
Ce qu'il y a de plus profond, solo show, Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerp (BE)
Maagdenvlies, solo show, P37 gallery, Liège (BE)
No comment, group show by P.R.E.S.T.I.G.E., Studio F., Ghent (BE)
Kunstwedstrijd Klein Sculptuur, CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg (BE)

A belgian politician, group show, Marion de Cannière Art Space, Antwerp (BE)
Duo show with Cédric Guillermo, Art Center of Pontmain (FR)
Group show curated by Jolien Dirix, DE Brandweer Kantine - Kunsttour Maastricht (NL)
Parcours, group show, Pôle muséal de Mons - Magasin de Papier, Mons (BE)
Dessin Quotidien #1, group show, La Manicle/Satellite Brindeau, Le Havre (FR)
Touch-lines #2, group show, Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerp (BE)

D!NG X - II Exhibition,  group show, Kc Belgie, Hasselt (BE) 
Drawing room, group show, PAK, Gistel (BE)
Tribu[ne], group show, Manoir de St-Urchaut, Pont-Scorff (FR)

Mon chéri, solo show, Bazart Office, Liège (BE)
In the shade, group show, PAK, Gistel (BE)
Identiteit, group show, Workplace,  Antwerp (BE)
Nous avons parfois tant de difficultés à nous digérer, group show, Secret Kitchen Gallery, Temse (BE)

2018 Residency at Isola Comacina, Lake Como (IT)
2017 Residency at 2angles, Flers (FR)
2016 Nominee for the Kunstwedstrijd Klein Sculptuur, CC Zwanenberg (BE)
2016 Winner of the aid of Laval (FR)
2015 Residency at Art center of Pontmain (FR)
2009 Aid for an exhibition from the Ambassade de France en Belgique (BE)
2007 Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee (BE)

2017 Ce qui demeure, 2angles, texts from Christine Lapostolle and Jérôme Letinturier
2016 Très cher, galerie Eva Steynen. Deviation(s), text from Eva Steynen
2016 L’atypique trouble, Traverse Vidéo 2016, text from Simone Dompeyre
2016 Ithaka Anatomé, Ithaka - Loko Cultuur, text from Sarah Verplancke
2016 Dessin quotidien #1, La Manicle/Satellite Brindeau, filmed interview by Jérôme le Goff(> video)
2016 Touch-lines #2, Eva Steynen. Deviation(s), text from Eva Steynen
2015 Parcours, Pôle Muséal de Mons
2015 Résidences 2015 - Laure Forêt, Art Center of Pontmain, text from Eva Prouteau
2015 Laure Forêt, Editions Derrière La Salle De Bains, Red Box collection
2014 Mon chéri, Editions Derrière La Salle De Bains, Pickpocket collection
2014 D!NG #8, online magazine by Jolien Dirix
2010 [Don’t] Mind the Body, texts from Eva Steynen
2009 Touch-Line, Laure Foret, Etienne Fouchet, Nina Vanhee, texts from Eva Steynen

2002 - 2007 : Studies in the European School of Arts of Bretagne, Quimper (FR)
2007 : DNSEP art option with magna cum laude (Master)
2005 - 2006 : Studies stay in Sint Lucas University College of Art, Antwerp (BE)
2005 : DNAP art option with magna cum laude (Licence)


21.12.19 - 05.01.20
Paviljoen Hedendaagse Kunst Watou
groepstentoonstelling met Herman Bellaert, Paul Bourgeois, David Bruneel, Trees De Mits, Christophe Denys, Willy De Sauter, Isa D'hondt, Laure Forêt, Paul Gees, Jean Goedcharle, Luc Hoekx, Arjan Janssen, Sabine Oosterlynck, Johan Parmentier, Bernard Sercu, Philippe Timmermans, Yumiko Yoneda


02.07 - 15.08.17
Paviljoen Hedendaagse Kunst Watou
groepstentoonstelling met Isa D'Hondt. Paul Gees. Laure Forêt. Arjan Janssen.
curator Els Wuyts