Frozen in time

Anneke Lauwaert, Jean Godecharle, Yumiko Yoneda

GROUP EXPO // 30.06 - 28.07.2019

The exhibition 'Frozen in time' brings together the experiences, histories and stories of three artists. This is a momentary snapshot of a time that was and is, a time span that has passed and will continue into the future...
Time is ticking and echoing in photographs, sculptures and installations created by Jean Godecharle, Anneke Lauwaert and Yumiko Yoneda. At every moment of the day, light and shadow reveal a calming balance somewhere in between white and black.

In Anneke Lauwaert’s (°1968) sculptural work, her personal motives drift towards more abstract dimensions and each installation takes on a timeless character in all its simplicity, whether indoors or outdoors.
As a sculptress, she works with various materials, such as bronze, wood, stone, glass or concrete. By using neoprene, synthetic rubber, she seems to invite people to touch this elastic yet firm material.
The exploration of materials, whether recycled from technological processes or collected in natural environments, creates a balance in her visual language between the physical reality and the more abstract dimensions of psychological leaps or universal sentiments.

Jean Godecharle’s (°1956) photographic work is both visible in the lush greenery of the garden and in the bright interior space. As an artist, he has to some extent abandoned the accepted norms of photography: he consciously suppresses the urge to produce a detailed photograph that goes further than the human eye can see.
The photographs have been given both manual and analogue time to be developed and viewed.
His images have been traditionally crafted together with new technological know-how, whereby a landscape is centred in the middle of the picture and accentuated by blurred edges calling for the necessary distance.
These are fragments of dream images, in which natural elements evoke movement while the incidence of light creates depth.

In a silent dialogue the organic drop-shaped or round-shaped sculptures of Yumiko Yoneda (°1965) float in an intimate atmospheric universe of whites, greys and blacks.
Her work exudes concentration, subtlety and sensuality. She shapes and forms her sculptures gradually into gently
undulating objects that are both empty and full at the same time. Circles, ovals and spherical forms hover between all and nothing, spoken and unspoken, vigour and tranquillity. In addition to wood or clay, she also works with polystyrene cores cladded with plaster and a modelling paste that shapes the surface. Each stage of the creative process has been developed with an eye for the whole which encourages the viewer to caress and touch.